My name is Kim Fagergren,  I create for your home & make art in diffrent colors, forms and looks.
I was born 1989 in a small town in middle of Sweden, I have allways paint & stitched in my young age.
When I get older I start more & more with art, design my own things.
I think art everyday, what I can do next & develop myself so I do more, better & better.
Create is my call in life, I love to make modern design & make art from what I feel & see in the normal day, from a picture in my head, then see the final result, when I follow my vision, I feel good.
Miktra stand for Art Kim.
Everything you see here on my page is handmade by me.
Hope you enjoy my art & follow me in future, if you want to order a new painting or a hand worked pillow from my passion, in your way & colors and size, just text me, see you soon.